Sunday, July 1, 2012

My summer Protective Style

So as the heat increased my impatience for my thick, long, extremely moody hair increased. I began to check out different hair braiding salons so I could take a "hair break". When looking at the websites of course I came across the infamous Youtube. I saw all of these great braiding tutorials and decided to give it a go. Boy was I excited to avoid paying that $200 dollars the salons were going to charge me, but little did I know it would take me forever to finish this homemade braiding style. I also had to make them waist lenght because of the lenght of my real hair, but that's okay that's the big trend going on anyway lol. Anyways, it took me a whooping 4 days to finish---of course not 24 hour days. However,  I am very happy with the results. You never really know what your capable of until you try, right? I might make this my new hustle for the summer. Job title: Senegalese twists stylist lol. Any takers???

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  1. Hi! So we seem to have very similar hair, in length , thickness and texture...people think my hair is super easy because there is so much of it...but at the end of the day...its a hassle, most "natural" hair styles dont work on me...and it was a hard heatless summer...and i want a but of a break. i have been looking in to Senegalese twists for some time and I just wanted to know your experience with them. how did you care for them? are they out now? if so, did you experience any breakage? do you have any tips for maintaining them or prepping your hair prior to installing them? below is a link to my "hair story" as well as my current regimen (i am using a henna conditioning treatment every two weeks until i install the braids to help strengthen my hair...previously i would henna about once a month, and this has helped my hair a lot). thanks!