Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dripping in Gold

Amongst all  the silver lovers and platinum dreamers I, myself, am a self-proclaimed gold addict. I must admit this obsession started when my love for vintage clothing started. It was a lazy Sunday at home when I discovered all of my grandmother's jewelry arranged in several dainty boxes throughout the house. As a child she always told me that when she kicked the bucket I could have all her jewelry, but little did I know what kick the bucket meant as a naive little girl. I guess even at that young age she could tell how badly I was intrigued by her jewelry. She was a very poised women with tons and tons of jewelry and I wanted to be just like her when I "grew up". On that random day when I found her many treasures I was luckily at an age to appreciate and treasure every single unique piece I found. So how does this relate to this crazy gold obsession--- as many know most high end vintage jewelry happens to be gold. Because of this I had no choice but to embrace the golden life! Each piece has a story of its own and stands out boldly with no needed addition---Im actually amazed at how bold my grandmother was to pull some of these pieces off back in that time. Im so glad that I have this amazing collection in my possession so I can make sure it gets passed on from generation to generation. Thats my story! Oh how I love the sweet glisten of gold =)

My summer Protective Style

So as the heat increased my impatience for my thick, long, extremely moody hair increased. I began to check out different hair braiding salons so I could take a "hair break". When looking at the websites of course I came across the infamous Youtube. I saw all of these great braiding tutorials and decided to give it a go. Boy was I excited to avoid paying that $200 dollars the salons were going to charge me, but little did I know it would take me forever to finish this homemade braiding style. I also had to make them waist lenght because of the lenght of my real hair, but that's okay that's the big trend going on anyway lol. Anyways, it took me a whooping 4 days to finish---of course not 24 hour days. However,  I am very happy with the results. You never really know what your capable of until you try, right? I might make this my new hustle for the summer. Job title: Senegalese twists stylist lol. Any takers???

Soo I have this little obsession with natural hair...It gives me this special thing called versatility lol

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